Artist statement

For many years, I was spending a lot of time searching for my "art style". And as the years passed, the more frustrated I got with it. And at one point, I put my pencils down. 

But the pencils drew me back. The just feels so good in my hand! And so does brushes. And my stylus. And pens. Just creating art makes me feel good! 

I cannot remember the first time I drew, I might have been around 6. Letting my mind wander, drawing the stories I would make in my head, that is how I spend most of my childhood. I continued into my teens and after finishing middle school, I started a normal high school. But I Norway, you can choose to attend a trade school instead. So after a year of normal high school, a teach recommended I apply for art high school. And so I did. 

After graduating high school, I started to work. With IT. And that is still how I pay for my bills, but I consider myself an artist first and foremost.